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Start off the right way!

Why choose us?

By starting with a pool design company you will get more time and unbias feedback toward your project. Most pool builders provide a quick design and quote but will not give you the design so you can shop around.  We aim to shed light on realistic expectations for the project while fitting that beautiful design into a budget for you to keep. With the ability to shop around, you will have the option to choose whom you want to build the pool or choose one of our long-time partners.

Creative Designs

Details drive excellence. PoolscapePro is a dedicated 3D modeling pool design service and consulting focused on providing pool and spa-related backyard designs and assistance. Unlike many design firms, PoolscapePro will provide an innovative design while considering budget, function, and aesthetics.

Toll Brother's Robertson's Ranch model Pools Carlsbad, CA
Toll Brother's Pacific Highlands Ranch model Pools San Diego, CA
Toll Brother's Pacific Highlands Ranch model Pools San Diego, CA

Low-Cost Designs & Services

PoolscapePro provides the missing link between pool design and build. We offer design services but can also manage the process to get your pool ready for permits. In complex pool projects we can help get any necessary plans, soils reports, and engineering and help manage the expectations of budget.


Our business model is simple. We charge a simple fee to cover our time and effort on your project. Our designers are also hard-working pool builders and just want the opportunity to quote and build your pool. If you choose them to build your pool, they will credit you the design and administration fee on the build. If you don't build with them, the great thing is you will be able to keep your design and shop multiple other bids for your project. It's a way for us to get in the door and earn your trust.

Already Have A Design?

That's great! You already have a head start. Depending on the caliber of the project, you may need some help with how to get soil reports and engineering together. We can do this for you. Once the soil reports and engineering is understood then a pool can be quoted by both our pool partners and other pool builders of your choice. We work with many Landscape Architects and designers to help make this process run as smoothly as possible.

Pacific Highlands Ranch San Diego, CA




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